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Of course, and not only that… Muha Meds isn’t just your typical cannabis company. We are not just built for the average consumer, instead we focus on those that are looking for quality and taste. Smoking Muha Meds provides vapes of the highest-grade potency without jeopardizing its flavor. We offer a premium vaping product that are ethically operated and transparent. We’re committed to setting the new industry standard for the cannabis vaporizer industry, and we’re proud to provide innovative technology to our customers. With that goal in mind, we strive to make sure our products are only made from the best quality ingredients and made with care.

The cannabis industry is booming, and therefore increasing the demand for vape products. That’s why we started Muha Meds— to improve on those elements that most cannabis companies were lacking. We offer our customers high-quality, ethically sourced cannabis products that are safe for consumption. Muha Meds has become one of the biggest names in cannabis vaping because of its commitment to provide premium quality oil, flavor, and portability. We are based in Los Angeles, California—a city known for its vibrant energy and creativity—and we’re proud to be a part of that community. Our team prides itself on being on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, but at our core, we’re all about bringing people together through our love of cannabis. We want everyone who uses Muha Meds products to feel good about themselves and their choices!

The first thing that makes Muha Meds unique is our commitment to ethical practices—we only source organically grown cannabis from farmers who care about quality as much as we do. We also make sure that every step of our process is done in-house so we can ensure the highest quality product.

Our goal is to make cannabis more approachable, so we continue to strive to remove the negative stigma associated with it by producing vapes that create a positive experience for consumers. We are committed to creating the best and safest technology for medicinal and recreational cannabis consumers. Our purpose is to improve the health, wellness, and creativity of those we serve through cutting-edge services, superior education, and superior products.

Our state-of-the-art device, allows consumers to effortlessly enjoy the highest quality cannabis oil blends in a sleek, compact device. We’re committed to providing you with the best vaping experience, providing superior customer care and industry-leading transparency. Our brand helps people achieve their wellness goals through cannabis, and we strive to provide a safer alternative to smoking to those who choose it. We use only organic and natural ingredients in our products, which means no additives or artificial chemicals whatsoever. This allows for a safer and healthier approach to consuming cannabis.

Muha Meds is a company driven by innovation, integrity, and a desire to elevate the industry. Our cutting-edge technique and technology combine to create a vaping experience unlike any other. We strive to create products our customers can trust and rely on – products that deliver consistent quality and reliable delivery of cannabis oil.

Muha Meds is also a lifestyle brand that showcases the latest trends in cannabis, creativity, and art—we’ve become one of the prime legacy vape brands in the industry!

The future is one in which consumers can access cannabis products in a discreet, convenient manner that offers the highest quality experience. It is for this reason that we are so proud to present our company and our brand to the world – and to the vibrant, growing community of wellness-minded individuals who seek a smarter way to consume cannabis.


Following the success of its launch in Michigan’s regulated cannabis market, Muha Meds — a legacy cannabis brand that got started in the traditional California cannabis market about three years ago — is now officially licensed for the California adult-use marketplace. You can now find Muha Meds products through select cannabis retailers around the state.

The company received its California license (C11-0001088-LIC) in February, making its products available at numerous retailers including Cookies, Backpack Boys, and others. Visit our WeedMaps page to find the closet’s retailer to you.  

Over the years, Muha Meds products have been enjoyed by thousands of cannabis consumers. The company’s biggest seller is its full-gram, live resin disposable, which is rechargeable and comes in a variety of five flavors. Each live resin disposable carries a guaranteed potency of at least 82% THC. The company also offers full-gram cartridges in 10 unique and fantastic-tasting flavors. Muha Meds has conducted extensive research and development in search of the best smoking experience.

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